About the Photographer

Hello, I'm Hannah (she/her), and just like you, I’m not a “wedding person.”  

I have always hated dressing up, resisted following tradition just for the sake of it, and avoided being the center of attention. When I finally found my person, he came with two energetic, mischievous little boys in tow. I know what it’s like to not see yourself or your lifestyle reflected in traditional wedding culture, and to want something different.

Feel the same way? You’re in the right place. 

Our stories might not be the same, but if you, too, want

Photos that look and feel like they belong to you; that don't try to airbrush your love story into one that looks like everybody else’s…

A photographer who accepts and celebrates your unique qualities and will capture you beautifully just as you are…

A joyful wedding day that doesn’t include being pressured into silly poses just for the sake of a memorable photo…

Then I am here for you. 

You deserve to celebrate your marriage in the way that feels right to you — in a way that honors the past that brought you together, and the future that lays ahead. And you deserve wedding photography that’s a celebration of all these things.

Sue & Chris

"I couldn't have asked for a better experience capturing our wedding! Hannah was so easy to work with, from the planning to receiving the finished photos exactly as promised. "The pictures really capture the experience of the day. Seeing them now, take me back to all the moments and emotions that made the day so special."

My Values


You’re doing amazing work planning a celebration that’s different and yet incredibly “you,” and I think that deserves to be celebrated. I promise to honor your bravery by crafting artful and authentic images that showcase your personalities and unique love story.